About ULM

Jelani Asar

Welcome to The Unfunded Liabilities Monster.

My name is Jelani Asar and I am in my early twenties.

I am the administrator of The Unfunded Liabilities Monster.

I began building this blog in mid 2011, because I had been studying personal finance and its relation to macro finance.   When I was studying personal finance, my research repeatedly led me towards business and investing.   Furthermore, my research led me to the financial crisis within the United States – and this is when my life shifted.

I read a book entitled The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve and I watched a documentary named IOUSA.

After being exposed to this information illustrating the dire financial issues stemming from the US government and spreading throughout the financial system, I realized I needed to focus on developing financial self-sufficiency.

There are numerous facets to the black rock of the US financial crisis, and I decided to focus into the unfunded liabilities issue.

Why unfunded liabilities?

I chose unfunded liabilities because this issue is absurdly massive, barley even discussed in the mass media, and represents perhaps the most devastating development in the financial crisis for the American people.

The unfunded liabilities of social security, medicare, and medicaid are important to me because (1) millions of people in this country could be devastated by the virtual nonexistence of these programs and (2) if these programs are not able to support the people, then who will?   The burden may come in the form of demanding taxes and the boomer generation depending heavily upon my generation.   Difficult challenges all around.

The purpose of this blog – The Unfunded Liabilities Monster – is to educate on unfunded liabilities, map developments in this facet of US debt, and provide resources for responding to this issue through income protection and financial self-sufficiency.

One of my trades is insurance and this is partly where the resources for income protection come from.   I am a member of an Aflac team based in Atlanta, GA.   The service we provide is a way for business owners to provide benefits to their employees at no cost and employees to have a money reserve to cover their living expenses in the event of accident or illness and they are out of work.

The Unfunded Liabilities Monster also provides resources for income protection through interviews and articles with experts in the fields of asset protection, tax strategies, investing for retirement, and investing for building your firm foundation.

The resources for financial self sufficiency  are typically manifest through interviews and articles with experts in the fields of entrepreneurship and investing.

Whether you are a young person, a boomer, a business owner, an employee, or an investor, this unfunded liabilities crisis deeply affects your personal finances and The Unfunded Liabilities Monster is serving you information to protect your finances and improve your quality of life moving forward.


Jelani Asar


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