ULM Videos

Unfunded Liabilities Monster Videos

Former PGPF President Dave Walker from IOUSAthemovie on 60 Minutes

IOUSA – Executive Summary – 30min Version

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/Adb1EAI%5D

IOUSA Live – Panel Discusses our Fiscal Crisis – US Economic Problems and Me

IOUSA – US Deficit and Social Security Crisis

IOUSA – Rising Entitlement Costs

US Debt Crisis – Tens of Trillions Not Including the Unfunded Liabilities Monster

Unfunded Liabilities Monster – Social Security and Medicare Deficit Projection

Unfunded Liabilities Monster – A Long-Term Issue

The Unfunded Liabilities Monster Iceberg by the PGPF

Unfunded Liabilities Monster – A Plan of Action


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